...to what I like to call the least-designed site on the internet. It isn't, but I'm told that my preferred option, an FTP server full of text files, "doesn't SEO well".

The site's home to a fairly random collection of content. You can find a summary of my career and published work here, plus some short-short fiction, but this site primarily exists to house things that obsess me, features that I want to write but couldn't find anyone to pay me for, fan blathering, and other such nonsense.

Some of that's gaming-related, although you can find most of my current wittering about games with the Big Box PC Game Collectors - see below for links. I have a particular interest in classic adventure games and RPGs, and even more of one in Origin Systems games from the '80s and '90s - you can find me on the Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter and (occasionally) on the SOTA forums, posting as Xaronzon.

- K.G.

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