Fiction Publications

Deeper Roots
The Lovecraft eZine, issue 37, Summer 2016

The Lovecraft eZine, issue 35, Summer 2015
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Burning Stars
The Lovecraft eZine, issue 29, Feb 2014
Recommended by Ellen Datlow in Best Horror of the Year 7
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Metafiction project for the readers of Irreality, spring 2007

Lost Summers 
(published as 1351)
Cthulhu Sex, issue 15, volume 2, 2003

Flash Fiction

Cassandra has been enveloped in planetary winter for at least 12,000 years. 

Gifts from the owls, balls of claws and bones and teeth. Just like you.

Part of the Ello Flash Fiction 1.0 compilation

This is how it always starts: naked, cold, and blood-soaked in a musty chamber of bare earth and stone.