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The Games That Time Forgot

Some games are lucky. They made their mark on the history of geekdom so firmly that it no longer matters whether they were good or bad: they WERE, and no one’s going to forget them anytime soon. Myst; The Secret of Money Island; Jet Set Willy; Dungeon Keeper; Deus Ex; Ultima IV. Their names will live forever. And then there are those other games. The forgotten many; the boxes people pass over in their attic, at a boot sale, or on eBay.

This series is devoted to those games. I’ll be playing through the games that no one – least of all me – really recalls in any meaningful way, and I’ll report back on what I find, whether they’re good, bad, or indifferent. Please note that these play-throughs are likely to be sarcastic where warranted, potentially spoilery, will probably contain overly in-depth plot analysis, and are based entirely on my own qualitative criteria. I’ll try to mark ***SPOILERS*** and provide playing advice for those who plan on attempting the titles themselves. 

Spoilers will be blacked out - highlight to reveal.

Produced by Simbiosis and published by Telstar, this French-made point and click adventure with a fully voiced UK release goes from folklore to science fantasy

Developed by Catware for Simon & Schuster, Shattered Light is an ambitious RPG and RPG-maker that includes modules written by authors such as Robert Silverberg, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro and P.N. Elrod.